Color Service: With more than 30 years of experience, Color Service is the world leader in the production of automatic dosing systems.

Established in 1987, Color Service is an Italian company, leader in the development and production of automatic dispensing systems.

The company was the first one in the world to introduce during ITMA 1987, the first automatic dosing system for powder dyestuff for textile industry, changing considerably the approach of the textile world towards automation.

With a start in the textile field and thanks to years of experience and know-how, Color Service introduced its unique technology into other markets segments, such us rubber, tire, cosmetics, plastics, becoming the world leader in the production of automatic dispensing system and solving many of the issues and problems present in the manual weighing of any powder products.

Color Service engineering and production take place in our 3 premises (total production area 15.000 sqm, with 160 people working) and they are entirely Made in Italy, a unique feature that is synonymous with cutting-edge systems and high technology.

In order to transform these concepts into machinery, Color Service rely on an R&D Department focusing on the constant upgrade of existing products as well as on the creation of new ones that, thanks to Color Service’s capillary presence in the worldwide network, are thought of, designed and manufactured according to the actual needs of their Clients.