MHMS : MHMS was founded in May 2003 as a service provider to the textile and other industries and soon afterwards turned into a machine building company. Due to the long relation of the founder and owner Markus Hauser and his technical team with the textile printing industry, it was an almost logical step that MHMS introduced the most advanced and versatile rotary screen printing machine for textiles, named “ERA 12” on ITMA 2011 in Barcelona. The “ERA 12” is now the base for the worldwide expansion of MHMS, the competence of MHMS in developing automation technology and designing special machines for off-standard purposes for various industries is a further strong pillar of our success.
Our policy is to produce our products with local partners, according to strict European quality and safety standards and always with priority on the needs and demands of our international customers. MHMS is proud to have successful installations in over 25 countries worldwide.